¿Sabes cuáles son los orígenes de Halloween?

Orígenes de Halloween ¿Sabes cuales son? Entérate aquí

MundoHispánico is America’s #1 Independently Owned Spanish-Language Digital Media Company.

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From its start in Atlanta, Ga. in 1979, Mundo Hispano Digital Network’s MundoHispánico.com has quickly grown from the most-read Spanish language weekly newspaper in the Southeast to one of the largest Spanish-language news and information websites in the U.S. In addition to breaking news, MundoHispanico.com’s lifestyle verticals deliver exclusive content on passion topics, such as Entertainment, Food, Automotive, and Sports.

MundoHispánico engages 8 million Facebook followers across this portfolio with up-to-the-minute news and live video coverage of major events.

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