Oumuamua: Extraño objeto interestelar podría ser alienígena


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SWIPE! There is no absolute reason a “professional” should be acting like this towards ANYBODY! The man didn’t even come into the room to talk about the health it was just jab after jab. What is it anyones business that my grandma who has been here for over 45 years doesn’t speak english, she worked, she paid her taxes, she paid off her house so how does it affect anyone that she doesn’t speak english, my mom and i tag along to each of her appointments and no one has ever had an issue with it. And in those 45 years she has NEVER had someone come at her like this. His first comment was responding to my grandmas question of “do you speak spanish” and he responds with “why should i, you came here”. His name is Paul Ryan MD. Inside of Pulse Cardiology in San Bernardino. And yes i know we could have reacted worse it just wasn’t in us . #Unprofessional #SanBernardino #paulryanmd #PulseCardiology

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“Quiero desenmascarar al doctor. Si no te gusta estar cerca de mexicanos, latinos, hispanos o cualquier otra raza que no sea tu raza, entonces no tienes espacio en el campo médico”, expresó Galura.

El centro clínico donde trabaja Ryan, el Pulse Cardiology, emitió un comunicado el lunes tras el polémico altercado.


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