Salvadoran Woman Saves Lives After Mother Passes From Cancer(VIDEO)

Jacqueline García Ramos came to the United States after becoming an orphan.  She took on jobs that women rarely qualify for.  Ramos now fights to save millions of women in her country.

Her mother died after struggling with cancer.  Poverty and lack of medical resources at hospitals in El Salvador impulsed her to be better.  She promised herself to do everything she could to help other women in her country.  Ramos wants to help women with low resources.

16 Days to Cross the Border

Ramos and her three brothers left El Salvador.  They had nowhere to sleep or anything to eat.

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They spent 16 days on the border.  Starving and drinking water from puddles where other animals drank was the norm.

Three years ago, she arrived in Dallas.  After arriving in Atlanta, a neighbor took her in to help her  save money for her family.

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A New Skill Discovered 

Ramos became a plumber.  A job she knew little about and paid $60 a day.

She learned the trade by watching others.  Her ability to learn quickly helped her specialize in welding.

“I’m an expert now.  I have never seen a women doing this type of job and never imaged myself working with welding pipes.  People often tell me they admire me for what I do,” García said.

From Plumber to Doctor 

Two of her brothers are now nurses.  The third is in the process of finishing his studies thanks to Ramos’ assistance.  She works and gives them money for school.

She is now concentrating on saving money to study English.  Her goal is to attend medical school.  “This is my dream.  I want to become a gynecologist.  Millions of women in my country are suffering.   My goal is to help women get adequate treatment,” she said.

“My mother was a champion.  I want to be just like her,” the Salvadoran concluded.


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