Mexican Man Buys Company Worth Millions for Thousands

Undocumented 14-year-old hispanic grows up to become millionaire.  Rodrigo Rivera, a young man from Quéretaro, México, crossed the border with no money and a primary education.  Now a grown man, Rivera owns a company worth two million dollars.

With his skill, Rivera unknowingly started a business in the states.  One that made him a millionaire.

Three weeks on the border 

Entering the country was difficult.  It took him three weeks to cross the border.  With his father’s help, he arrived in Georgia.  He resided with his brother and neighbors from his hometown.

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Art Craft Concrete Inc. hired Rivera paying him $80 as an assistant.  Rivera moved up the ladder and became a subcontractor.

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From employee to owner

Rivera’s humble beginnings began in a country he knew little about, penny-less, unable to speak the language, and undocumented.  He purchased a used car and a couple of handy tools.  Hired his friends and family to follow in his steps.  The owner at Art Craft Concrete trusted Rivera and gave him full control of various projects.

It took him 17 years of hard work and dedication.  The purchase of 6 pick-up trucks and the hiring of 30 employees to get to where he is today.  His time was coming.

In 1994, the owner of Art Craft Concrete retired and offered Rivera an opportunity to purchase his company.  River jumped on the chance and invested $350,000 of his life savings.

Rivera Concrete, LLC has a net worth of two million dollars and generates 35 jobs.

The company specializes in commercial and residential driveways and sidewalks.  This year, he hopes to create more jobs and generate more revenue by providing foundation as a new service.

Rodrigo Rivera
Rivera Concrete LLC y Art Craft Concrete Inc.
54 Rockbridge Road Suite 200
Lilburn, GA, 30047

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