Homeless man makes $600,000 disappear in two months

Man identified as Abdelkader I steals $490,000 Euros.  The 47-year-old homeless man walked out with a bag full of money from a Loomis.  Authorities say, Loomis, a company dedicated to sending and receiving cash, reported $603,329 dollars missing.

It took French authorities two months to find Abdelkader.  Le Parisien, a French newspaper reported he was found at La Courneuve north of Paris.  Half the case was solved.  They had their man.  The money was still missing.

Abdelkader could not recollect what happened that day.  He first said he had hidden the money in an abandoned home close to a forest in Aulnay-sous-Bois.  Police were not successful finding it.

When questioned again, he mentioned he hid the money at a friend’s house.  Place where four men gagged him and took him to a mysterious hanger.  He claims the men punched him and took off with the cash.

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