Hispanic Woman and Three Siblings Survived on $8 a Day (VIDEO)

An orphaned Salvadorian woman pushes herself to come to the United States.  Takes on a position considered only for men and achieves to save the lives of millions.

Jaqueline García was a young girl when her father walked out on her and her three brothers.  “My mother struggled to get by with $8 a day,” García recalls.

Poverty and the lack of medical resources led her mother to her death bed after struggling with cancer.  From this experience, García promised herself that she would stop at nothing to help other women in her country.

Three years ago, she moved to Georgia to work in construction and saves her money to pay for medical school.  

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How she accomplished her goal:

  1. She became a plumber’s assistant earning $60 a day.
  2. She saves a minimum of $100 a month.
  3. Assisted her brothers through school.  Two of which became nurses.
  4. She has raised $5,500 and will invest the money in learning English and medical school.

According to finance expert, Andrés Gutiérrez,  García is practicing two of the fundamental secrets to “get out of debt”.  First, you set a specific goal.  Second, give and save.  This way anything that seems impossible becomes possible!


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