Hispanic Man Starts Company with $300 After Struggling to Make Ends Meet

It took Juan José Milián 20 days to cross the border.  One thought lingered in his mind.  He had to overcome his fear of leaving everything behind and hope for a better life.

Milián arrived in the states 7 years ago.  Two years ago he took a leap of faith.   Juan went from earning $80 as a plumber’s assistant to earning $4,000 a day as an entrepreneur for J.J. Plumbing.

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Surviving on water and tortillas

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Juan José Milián was a Guatemalan farmer.  He helped his parents on the corn, tobacco, and sesame fields.

“Even though I love the field, I was looking for something better.  Something that paid more because that profession is not pay well in my country,” Milián said.

Fearless, he searched for better opportunities to advance.  After 7 years of trying, Milián was successful crossing the border.

Things were not easy.  He endured hunger, pain, and harsh weather.  He spent 20 days in the river.  “Coyotes”, men that help others cross the border, gave him water and stale tortillas.

Same task from the beginning

Millán went from McAllen to Georgia.  His brother set him up with a contact that offered him a job as a plumber.

“Don Pablo taught me a lot of things.  He gave me the opportunity to work as a plumber’s assistant even though I didn’t know what the tools I was using were called,” Juan Milián added.

In a short time, he went from earning $80 to $100.  He made it a point to learn the skills of the trade.

“I always knew I would own my own business.  The only thing that stops me is my fear to move forward,” he adds.

His brother and his boss gave him a set of tools.  This helped Juan break away from his fear and begin working on his own account.

“It was difficult at first because I didn’t have any clients.  I started with $300 and used spare change to buy my meals,” Juan sadly remembers.

His co-workers referred him to clients and from there, he and his wife bagan to generate income forming J.J. Plumbing.

He currently has contracts with 10 companies and earns $4,000 a day.


Juan José Milián
J.J. Plumbing

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