Grace Williams: “Immigrants Should Fear IRS More Than ICE” (VIDEO)

Immigrants who fail to pay their taxes should fear the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) as much as ICE.  Grace Williams, a certified public accountant, told MundoHispánico.  

“Most immigrants, especially those that are undocumented, fail to file their taxes.  They are under the impression that they have to pay the government.  However, they could be missing out on receiving thousands of dollars in returns,” Williams said.

Anyone working under a contractor and or earning more than $400 dollars a year must file taxes.  Anyone that made more than $12,500 must report their earnings to the IRS, Williams declared.

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Undocumented immigrants also need to file their taxes even when presenting them with a fake ID or another person’s social security number.  “Filing taxes with another person’s ID is a felony and can be corrected with a Tax ID.  The Tax ID can also help you speed the immigration process,” Williams added.

The IRS sees any person that does not file their taxes as a delinquent and lacks good moral judgement.  Felons accure penalties of 10 to 30% depending on the total amount they declare on their tax return.

The same goes for people who claim dependents that do not live with them.  This practice is very common among the community and can lead to jail time.

Grace Williams makes mention that, “any undocumented immigrant that has a debt with the IRS or commits a fraud can be deported.  U.S. citizens are susceptible to jail time.”

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