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Effective Ways to Haggle with Retailers Using Your Phone

No one likes to overpay for things.  Bargaining however, is extremely popular among many of us.  Haggling is one of the easiest ways to pinch a penny and save money.

Many times, bargaining is seen by many as begging.  It is not the same thing.  The dictionary states begging is to humbly ask or earnestly plead someone about something, while to haggle, is negotiating or bargaining with someone.

How to Haggle: Getting what you want for less 

Money expert Clark Howard says he is a big fan of haggling – because it really does save you money. He says consumers don’t know the power they have in simply asking retailers to work out a deal.

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Confidence in the art of haggling is a main factor.  Shoppers talk themselves out of a deal before they even try, he says.

“The most important thing is don’t ever negotiate with yourself,” Clark says. “Don’t say, ‘I just can’t afford that’ before you’ve found out if you can get a bargain.”

Clark adds that internet haggling is less threatening to many.  He suggests you start there if you want to master the art of getting a good price for goods.

“Go on your smartphone, get online and see what some other people [and stores] are selling an item for.” The reasons are twofold, he adds. “That gives you the confidence first, and second, people are really having great success with haggling on the internet, so once you see that if you just make an offer online, people will match it, that will help you.”

Knowing what deal to make or accept starts with knowing what others offer.  You must come prepared to haggle.  “That’s because haggling is really much more about price-matching, rather than ‘Can you do better?” Clark says.

A quick form to put your haggling skills to good use

Retailers often offer better deals online.  Before making the trip to the store, check your smartphone for deals.  Retailers will sometimes, honor the online price if you show them the deal from your phone.

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