Border Patrol Says Trump’s Wall May Not Stop Illegals From Entering Country(VIDEO)

Eight full-scale massive pieces of Trump’s proposed wall lie in the California desert waiting examination.  President Trump’s border wall with Mexico awaits inspection when he arrives on Tuesday.

The prototypes were completed in the Otay Mesa area on October 26, 2017.  The construction of the models alone cost 20 million dollars, Border Patrol said.

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Activists and some officials began a two-day protest against the president.  They describe him as a “persona non grata”.  Their cry echoes across the country questioning who will pay for the wall?  Will it really stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking on the border?

MundoHispánico spoke to members of the Border Patrol.  They said that the construction of the wall does not meet the goals set by the U.S. Government.  Stop immigration of undocumented immigrants and drug trafficking are the main focus for the wall.

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“Drug trafficking and illegal immigration will always exist,” said Eduardo Olmos, spokesman for the Border Patrol.   Olmos stressed that this could serve as a complement to border security.

It took a month for the concrete to seal and two more to test its stability, Border Patrol agents said.

Three months for the entire process passed this past January 26th.  Trump needs to give his final opinion on the wall.  Trump will choose the model as well as the materials used for its construction this year.

MundoHispánico obtained first-hand images through the duration of this journey.





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