$120,000 Awarded to 19-Year-Old To Accomplish Dream

This young man’s passion is to build schools in Mexico where his parents were born.  He is 19 and aspires to become an engineer.  All he needs is $120,000.

Jesús Lara’s parents struggle to give him the resources he needs to make his dream a reality.  His father is a construction worker and his mother an occasional house keeper.  Their salaries combined are not enough to put Lara through school.  “I had to look for resources elsewhere,” Lara said.

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He never imagined that it “pays off” to be poor and hispanic.

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The steps that got him closer to his dream.

  1. He applied to various scholarships. “I recommend Hispanic Scholarship Fund,” he added.
  2. His search began looking in books, newspapers, and the internet.  “This link helped me find a lot of information,” Lara said.
  3. Schools provide most scholarships
  4. Georgia Tech University has a lot to offer.

Jesús Lara was awarded 4 out of the 8 scholarships he applied for.  He will receive 100% funding to carry on with his four year degree in Mechanical engineering.  “The university gave me most of the funds I needed.  A huge factor for getting the funds was my financial need and my good grades,” Lara concluded.

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